Surf’s up in Chiba, Japan

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Surfing in Japan… Say what? That’s right! The land of manga, temples, sumo, and ramen is also the land of a vibrant surfing culture. Bordered by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Japan has an extensive list of surf spots to choose from with some locations even offering world-class waves. Luckily for those visiting or living in Tokyo, a mecca of surfing in Japan can be found in Chiba Prefecture. Though not as famous internationally as a tourist destination within Japan, the Boso Peninsula is the place to be when looking to hit the waves and at the same time enjoy some beautiful scenery and lively small beach-town atmosphere.

Surfing in Chiba

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Emma Parker – From the UK to 20 Years in Japan!

An exceptional person and excellent writer! If you are ever in the Itoigawa or Niigata area of Japan give her a shout!

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We’ve profiled a few people from our team over the last few months, but what really makes Odigo is the community and the excellent content we receive  from our contributors. One of those people, who’s been with us from the start, is our superstar contributor Emma Parker. Read on to find out more about Emma’s story…

Emma initially heard about ODIGO through our Community Manager Lauren, they knew each other from having taken a couple of creative writing courses together. As soon as Emma heard about the project, she wanted to get involved, as she loves travelling, writing, and introducing her favourite places in Japan to her visitors. She recently moved to a small town in the countryside, and was particularly keen to show that there is much more to Japan than Tokyo and Kyoto: ODIGO’s mission to introduce spots that are off the beaten tourist track matches her own philosophy very well.

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